My Style

Edel McMahon Design + Illustration  - Pinot Noir Print   Edel McMahon. Design + Illustration - Cava Bodega Logo
In terms of my style, I wear two hats: an illustrator and a graphic designer.
Of course, the two have similarities and crossovers. The main difference is that when I’m designing I take on board the client’s brief and the message they want to convey.
In my illustrations, I use bright, flat colours alongside simple drawings. I love a hand-drawn natural finish. I’ll often leave my drawings unpolished in an effort to retain their hand-drawn qualities.
In my graphic design, I am drawn to clean design, legibility is key in my design work. I make use of white space and simple icons in my designs.
The Images here both feature wine bottles to show you the contrast and similarities in my designs and illustrations.
The first image is my Pinot Noir print and the next image is the logo I designed for Cava Bodega.

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