Brand Introduction

I’m excited to be taking part in this year’s #MarchMeetTheMaker Challenge. The Meet the Maker Challenge is list of prompts designed by @joannehawker to help small businesses tell the story behind their brand. Throughout the month of March, I will be introducing you to my own business story. 

Day one is simple, say hello and introduce my brand.

A little introduction for those of you who don’t know me. I’m a graphic designer based in Galway. I’ve been working as the in-house designer for #EatGalway Restaurant Group for the past 12 years. I freelance for several other companies, a lot of whom are also in the restaurant industry.

Last year, I launched my own range of tea towels and greeting cards. I was blown away by the support I received. Since the launch, my products are now stocked in ten shops nationwide. I am working on expanding on this at the moment.

This year, I launched my first range of fine art prints. A lot of my themes and illustrations are food and drink related, working closely with the wonderful Jp McMahon (@mistereatgalway) for many years makes it hard not to fall in love with all things food related.

I’m looking forward to sharing a little more about my small business with you all over the next month. 


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